Deficiency of Vitamin 12 and D is the biggest cause of infertility

Deficiency of Vitamin 12 and D is the biggest cause of infertility Dr Shivani

Vitamin D deficiency was noted in over 90 percent of women and over 70 percent of men who came for infertility treatment. Vitamin B12 deficiency was noted in over 50% of women and 30 percent of men who approached for infertility treatment. Correction of micronutrient deficiency can help to reduce the burden of infertility in men and can also reduce the infertility rates in women especially with polycystic ovarian disease, says Gynaecologist and Infertility expert and Vice President of the Delhi Gynec Forum, Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

Raipur Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society organised a conference ‘on the role of micronutrients in infertility’ on Saturday. As per experts, infertility is a concern for couples in the age group of 21 to 30 years. At the conference Raipur society President Dr Manoj Chellani and Secretary Dr Jyoti Jaiswal were also present. Gynaecologist from around the state participated in the event.

Regular consumption of tomato juice

Experts says that regular consumption of tomato juice helps patients to overcome infertility problems. It seems to improve sperm motility in infertile patients. According to them, tomato might be beneficial for male infertility.