“Acne cream harmful during pregnancy”

NEW DELHI: Women careful of their looks should learn to live with acne, at least during pregnancy, as experts say the use of anti-acne creams can lead to miscarriage.

“Acne is a common problem faced by millions of women especially those who are pregnant. But use of anti-acne creams is completely avoidable as it can lead to abnormal babies even if taken one month prior to conceiving,” says Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, a gyaecologist with SCI Healthcare.

“The cream gets absorbed from the skin, goes into the mother’s bloodstream and passes through placenta into the bloodstream of the foetus,” experts say.

Dr. Gour says studies indicate that use of Sodium Sulfacetamide, Tretinoin, Adapalene, and Azelaic acid in the anti-acne creams can lead to toxicity in the new born, resulting in anaemia, jaundice, and several other physical disorders.