IVF - Understanding The Numerous Benefits!

It is possible to get pregnant after undergoing tubectomy. True or False? Find out by taking this following quiz.

  1. IVF is a solution for women with fertility problems of all age. False IVF has a few factors that influence its success. The most important of these factors is the mother’s age. It has been seen that IVF works best when the mother is within the age of 35 years as the older she gets lesser the number of eggs she shall produce. 
  2. Test tube babies are conceived through IVF. True The name test tube baby is used to determine a child that is conceived in a regulated environment outside a woman’s body. This process of fertilization that takes place artificially in a laboratory is called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 
  3. In which all cases can IVF be used
    1. Females with both fallopian tubes blocked 
    2. Unexplained infertility cases 
    3. Borderline male sperm count 
    4. All of the above 

Answer - All of the above 

Yes! IVF is indeed helpful in achieving your dream of motherhood in the most effective manner as it can help couples overcome common problems, such as, females with both fallopian tubes blocked, unexplained infertility cases, borderline male sperm count and many more. Gone are those days when age was a constraint to experience motherhood and attaining menopause came along with sorrow of inability to reproduce. IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) has proved to be a boon to all those couples who’ve only dreamt of becoming parents but could never see their dream coming true due to insurmountable reasons.

4. Which of the following is not a step in the process of IVF? 
  1. Egg retrieval 
  2. Ovulation Induction 
  3. Embryo transplant and implantation 
  4. Childbirth
Answer: Childbirth 

The process of IVF is carried out in 4 distinct stages. The first is the Ovulation Induction, then the Egg Retrieval, the third stage is the Fertilization and the fourth and the final stage is Embryo Transplant and Implantation. Childbirth is not a stage of the IVF.

It is possible to get pregnant after undergoing tubectomy. True Tubectomy or tubal ligation is a surgical method of preventing pregnancies in which the fallopian tubes are clamped/severed/blocked. If a person with such anatomical alterations wants to get pregnant then she could undergo IVF. Hence it is possible to get pregnant even after having a tubectomy.