Expert Advice to Parents - Be Friends Your Daughters, Should Share Everything

Healthy adolescent girls: Amritdhara My Hospital organises seminar in Noor mahal Hotel; Lady Doctors from across the state attended the seminar.

Jagaran Correspondent: When the girl is adolescent, there are many changes in their body. Secretion of hormone and period also starts. During this period, the girl is unable to understand what is happening with her? This chaos becomes her great problem. This is the time when she needed the guidance of the parents. The problem is that, the parents do not care about it and the girl does not discuss it with anyone due to shame and hesitation and falls prey to many serious diseases.

How the situation is dangerous can be gauged by the fact that about 35% of the girls are undergoing this situation. They suffer serious diseases. The problem is hesitation and ignorance on the part of parents and not the disease which is creating this situation. Due to this, many of the girls even loose the capability of becoming mother.

Around 200 doctors from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan and UP attended the seminar organised by Amritdhara My Hospital in association with Federation of Obstetrics & Gynecology Society of India – FOGSI, Karnal Chapter. The organiser of the seminar Dr. Jyoti Gupta said that efforts have been made in the seminar to address the difficulties face by women during periods and their remedies, how to control this disease and to disseminate the related information to the common women.  She said, if we talk in medical terms the disease is named as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – PCOS; but in a layman’s term we relate it to period problem.

If period gets delayed by over 40 days, then it is a problem
Female disease specialist Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour said that if the period is delayed by over 40 days in menstruating girls, then you may consider it as a problem. Because it is the beginning of the syndrome. In such a situation you must consult the doctor. This would be possible only when the parents are in talking terms with their daughters on the subject.

Following problems may arise
Due to this disease hair growth is seen on chins and above the upper lip, this can cause uterine cancer. This reason for the disease may be due to taking junk food regularly and not taking the clean or homemade food.

Training will be held on the patterns of Chandigarh and Delhi
The managing director of Amritdhara My Hospital Dr. Rajiv Gupta said that at present the doctors of Karnal and surrounding areas used to go to Delhi and Chandigarh for training but the from now on, the training sessions will be organised in Karnal by his hospital.  The seminar has been organised in this connection.

How it can be prevented?
The best way to mitigate the situation is to reduce one’s weight. Antibiotics like haematoformin and drugs like inositol can be helpful. Gonadotropin injection can help the women facing infertility. The best way, however, remains changing your lifestyle. 

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour